The Lost Idealism of Roman J. Israel Esq.

So there I was, watching “Roman J Israel Esq” –the movie.  And some sneaky feelings came upon me. This is not really a review of the movie but a quick note on some of the thoughts the movie brought to mind. I had not looked at a lot of reviews for the movie nor did […]

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Blueprint for the Weekend Part II

So I think I have narrowed it down. One of the things that cause me to lose my footing: Failure on the weekends. Failure on the weekends stems from a  sense very early on in the weekend that there is less of the weekend than I need to feel fully complete. A feeling of completeness […]

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Productivity Boosters--3 Reasons to Buy An MP3 Player

Maybe you are reading the headline and thinking “What year is he living in?  Does he not have a cellphone? Is this a lost article from 2008?!”  Well no.  There are a few reasons why I refuse to ditch the little gadget for the past 15 years. While listening to one of my favorite podcasts […]

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Productivity Booster--Desktop Email Client

  For several reasons it is useful to have more than one email address. Recalling several different passwords is only a small part of the problem of multiple email accounts, and is solved by a password manager. A greater burden I have found is the inconvenience of having to log in and out individually for […]

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What Works: Not Another Time Management Post

Most people feel there is not enough time to complete all they want/need to do. Is that a problem of perception of time, planning of tasks or execution of tasks or all of the above? I believe that a large proportion of the subjective discomfort called stress relates to the perception that there is not […]

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Apply Appropriate Focus To Generate Results

Apply Appropriate Focus To Generate Results I started to focus a bit more on writing towards the end of October. Focus is possible when there is a goal. Goals must be clear and measurable. I have goal of finishing a novel —some sort of rough draft–by the end of the month of November. I will […]

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Mini-Vacations to the Rescue

A mini-vacation is a short time away from work. “Short in this context is usually taken to mean 2-3 days away from work. These are brief periods that can provide a quick recovery from the drudgery of solo practice, the administrative headaches an all. If you play your cards right you can take 6 or […]

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REinvent, REsequence, REschedule

  When I first opened the practice there were at least 1 million things to do—every type of chore that could fall into any of several categories at once.  It was a work of painstaking attention to detail to design a schedule that would allow me to fall the duties that I need needed to […]

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Problems Have Solutions.

I felt myself slipping a gain. A combination of failed short-term goals, sleep deprivation and requests to make major decisions that could affect my entire life. The key is to recognize what is happening as it is happening and address it before it worsens. This time I think I have. The life of a solo […]

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The Blueprint For A Weekend

Looking forward to it all week and then here comes the weekend. I should party..or vegetate…or…catch up with the softer side of life…family, long lost friends; or work some more…get ahead of the curve. There are endless options for that short block of time that comes predictably after every 5 business days.   It has […]

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