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After Isolation: The Emergence

Movie Review: Storm Boy

It is hard, nigh impossible to find a movie rated PG that even adults will enjoy and has a male lead. In other words there are few PG-rated male centered movies. Glad I Found This Little Gem… When I found Storm Boy I had bated expectations and just settled in hoping for the best. This […]

Wildlife Movie Review

Firstly, the movie played to rave reviews, some of which can be seen slashed on the film art above. It was a worthwhile watch but the critics may have seen a much better movie than I did. Not the usual place I would review a movie, but the movie does feature themes worthy of examination […]

I finished a blog post here, and then he raised it. I uploaded it to the actual blog website. I’m very happy I have done that.. Looking back it seems like at least five months since I blogged. I know I generated some content sometime within the last five months on probably one or two […]

Weekend Read Weekend Know

Most of my reading so far in the past 24 hours has come from online sources including blogs and online magazines which were collated in my feed – my newsfeed. I don’t despise this type of learning or information-gathering, but I don’t want it to completely overtake other sources of knowledge.  I still want to […]

The Bottomless Bucket List

I have done some pretty exciting travel in my life. I have seen a lot of popular sites. Still there are many I have not seen. I still have a bucket list and it is still growing. In no particular order for right now here are some of the things done/places visited (italicized) and some […]

Staying Healthy-If My Body Could Talk

Ran across this writing prompt, and decided to have some fun with it.  I imagine it would go something like this: “Listen good, record this if you want because I have a lot to say and you will need to remember a few things. You, my owner have treated me mostly well. But not always […]

The Lost Idealism of Roman J. Israel Esq.

So there I was, watching “Roman J Israel Esq” –the movie.  And some sneaky feelings came upon me. This is not really a review of the movie but a quick note on some of the thoughts the movie brought to mind. I had not looked at a lot of reviews for the movie nor did […]

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