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Movie Review: In The Line of Duty

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie despite the low reviews it received from some critics. (I have concluded that critics have a hard time having free wheeling fun while watching a movie.) The plot: A disgraced cop teams up with a livestreaming news broadcaster to try and save the police chief’s kidnapped daughter. The movie is […]

Movie Review: Storm Boy

It is hard, nigh impossible to find a movie rated PG that even adults will enjoy and has a male lead. In other words there are few PG-rated male centered movies. Glad I Found This Little Gem… When I found Storm Boy I had bated expectations and just settled in hoping for the best. This […]

Wildlife Movie Review

Firstly, the movie played to rave reviews, some of which can be seen slashed on the film art above. It was a worthwhile watch but the critics may have seen a much better movie than I did. Not the usual place I would review a movie, but the movie does feature themes worthy of examination […]

The Lost Idealism of Roman J. Israel Esq.

So there I was, watching “Roman J Israel Esq” –the movie.  And some sneaky feelings came upon me. This is not really a review of the movie but a quick note on some of the thoughts the movie brought to mind. I had not looked at a lot of reviews for the movie nor did […]

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