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Blueprint for the Weekend Part II

So I think I have narrowed it down. One of the things that cause me to lose my footing: Failure on the weekends. Failure on the weekends stems from a  sense very early on in the weekend that there is less of the weekend than I need to feel fully complete. A feeling of completeness […]

Productivity Booster--Desktop Email Client

  For several reasons it is useful to have more than one email address. Recalling several different passwords is only a small part of the problem of multiple email accounts, and is solved by a password manager. A greater burden I have found is the inconvenience of having to log in and out individually for […]

Mini-Vacations to the Rescue

A mini-vacation is a short time away from work. “Short in this context is usually taken to mean 2-3 days away from work. These are brief periods that can provide a quick recovery from the drudgery of solo practice, the administrative headaches an all. If you play your cards right you can take 6 or […]

REinvent, REsequence, REschedule

  When I first opened the practice there were at least 1 million things to do—every type of chore that could fall into any of several categories at once.  It was a work of painstaking attention to detail to design a schedule that would allow me to fall the duties that I need needed to […]

The Blueprint For A Weekend

Looking forward to it all week and then here comes the weekend. I should party..or vegetate…or…catch up with the softer side of life…family, long lost friends; or work some more…get ahead of the curve. There are endless options for that short block of time that comes predictably after every 5 business days.   It has […]

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