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Movie Review: In The Line of Duty
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I thoroughly enjoyed this movie despite the low reviews it received from some critics. (I have concluded that critics have a hard time having free wheeling fun while watching a movie.)

The plot: A disgraced cop teams up with a livestreaming news broadcaster to try and save the police chief’s kidnapped daughter.

The movie is entertaining with little to zero high brow themes. The most obvious is some surface treatment of the millennial cynicism to the popular media, and the drive to replace mainstream media with citizen based journalism. Understanding that this is a feel-good action movie I did not expect anything deeper.

The action is fast paced and hardly stops with some corny quips placed amidst the action. In the action of course there are stunts that would be impossible to recover from in real life, but that’s part of the fun. You know you are watching a movie and reality is a far distance away.

My rating : 3*/4

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