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Movie Review: Storm Boy
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It is hard, nigh impossible to find a movie rated PG that even adults will enjoy and has a male lead. In other words there are few PG-rated male centered movies.

Glad I Found This Little Gem…

When I found Storm Boy I had bated expectations and just settled in hoping for the best. This was not a widely released project like Superman or Spiderman.

I learned that the movie was made in Australia and based on a book which had already been made into a movie in 1976. What I was watching was the modern remake of piece of beloved Australian cinema.

The movie begins with overtones of boardroom drama as the character played by Geoffrey Rush evades a major board meeting on of the company he started toto stall for time to acquiesce to the wishes of his granddaughter. Her father, his son is preparing to make a decision to begin development in n environmentally delicate area. The daughter being estranged from her dad calls on granddad to influence her father in the right direction. But that is about it for the boardroom political fare. Rush’s character proceeds to tell the story of how he grew up in a remote area with his father, and with the help of an aboriginal man,saved a quartet of orphaned baby pelicans and stayed close to one for most of his childhood until he went off to college.

The Simple Life

The story of that simple life is heartwarming mixed with the quiet confidence and assuredness without shame while living in some degree of poverty. It was clear that closer to the center of town there were aspersions about the quality of life they led and whether it was right for the child to be raised in that environment but that issue did not receive any detailed treatment. Instead we were assured that the love and care the father had for his son and vice versa was enough.

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