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Most of my reading so far in the past 24 hours has come from online sources including blogs and online magazines which were collated in my feed – my newsfeed. I don’t despise this type of learning or information-gathering, but I don’t want it to completely overtake other sources of knowledge.  I still want to read actual books. So tonight I declined other activities to focus on literary knowledge this weekend and creativity.

Another reason I want to make sure that the books are not left behind for the blogs is the development in my own experience –in my own self– of an increased amount of speed-reading or rather skim reading. The downsides of this are detailed here:

So here comes the segment what did I learn and what we think about it.


Net Neutrality Rules
Last year the federal chairman Ajit Patel voted down net neutrality rules which is supposed to protect consumer privacy, avoid slowing of Internet speeds based on destination of traffic. Now California as a state is seeking to overturn this ruling with their own state led legislation.
I think this is a good thing. The Trump government is always pro-business and anti-consumer and gives carte blanche to corporate giants. This is reflected in Patel’s ruling.

Switch From Google Chrome to Firefox
Firefox appears more serious about privacy and as you degoogle-ize it may be the best choice for a default internet browser.

I do use chrome and I remember the days when I proudly switched to chrome from Explorer and Firefox –the latter being a result of the company`s foibles with useless frequent updates. I like to believe I was then what is considered an early adopter. That was back in 2009. Anyway since then Google has infringed on privacy concerns in numerous ways. Therefore I use Google Chrome with a multitude of extensions and apps that are privacy related.
Adblock Plus
“do not track” is turned on
HTTPS Everywhere
Duck Duck go as my default search engine – not Google
Google analytics – opt out add-on

(Post Script: Interestingly enough in doing this self check I noticed that I had an extension installed called “Data Selfie,” which was supposed to monitor your Facebook interactions and predict your future activity. It was given to the public as an insight into what Facebook tracks and how the use of social media be used to predict political persuasion. However it was an app similar to this that was implicated in the Cambridge analytical scandal earlier this year. Imagine my surprise when I noted that I still have this installed in Google Chrome.)

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