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Staying Healthy-If My Body Could Talk
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Ran across this writing prompt, and decided to have some fun with it.  I imagine it would go something like this:

“Listen good, record this if you want because I have a lot to say and you will need to remember a few things.

You, my owner have treated me mostly well. But not always well.
I experience and record your transgressions against me, though I have done my best never to let them show. And I think I have done a pretty good job hiding my pain.
Over the past ten years you have expected more from me than you have equipped me to deliver. To your credit you have nursed me back to health and strength in times when the excess of the burdens with which you saddle me far outstretched the quality of maintenance I received from you. However, this cycle is not sustainable. I cannot go on making you proud if you do not attend to me more diligently.  Take, for example, last year. I made you proud by completing 8 half-marathons. You did a lousy job of preparing me for such a feat by running 3 times weekly only for one month in the entire year. I rose to the challenges despite being ill prepared. I attended some half marathons underfed and under hydrated. Still I came through for you. (Kudos on always getting me new shoes, and gear, though.)

Since I was 15 I noticed you expected a lot from me no matter what, and I delivered.  I delivered in the gym, built up a hefty muscle mass, and then on the track when you were in University it was me who made people admire you.  Back then to be honest it was fun for me just doing what most people could not do: the races coming after the all-nighters, the the running to the gym, working out and running back.  And later still the endless round in the hospital, sometimes on my feet for 4 hours straight.

I never thought you were mistreating me then, probably because the load was manageable.  Then I started to notice a few things were changing.  I couldn’t work all night and skip resting the next day like I used to.  I had to stretch before working out.  I discovered plantar fasciitis, meniscal tears, hamstring and gastrocnemius pulls.

What I am saying is that I am not getting younger, and you need to accept that. Right now we can feel the pain coming from sciatica/disc herniation. I think I will beat it and pull you through yet again. I can feel me coming back to a pain free state, but I can also feel you losing commitment to the process. Do not! Stay on it! Think about it every day and you will avoid further troubles with me.

There are some ‘old people stretches’ and other ‘old people things’ that you may need to do to keep me healthy.

If you want to continue getting the best from me there are 3 things that must happen every day:
—train core strength
—eat well
–get enough sleep–in a bed!
If nothing more remember these three.

Got it?!”

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