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Productivity Boosters--3 Reasons to Buy An MP3 Player
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Maybe you are reading the headline and thinking “What year is he living in?  Does he not have a cellphone? Is this a lost article from 2008?!”  Well no.  There are a few reasons why I refuse to ditch the little gadget for the past 15 years.

While listening to one of my favorite podcasts last December I heard the speaker on a quest for an Mp3 player.  Reminded me of my quest for this device that supports my entertainment and also plays the soundtrack to my gym hours.

The MP3 audio file format allows for compression of large bandwidth audio files into much smaller and easier to manage format by discarding parts of the audio that the human ear is unlikely to notice.  The format is in very high usage and now most audio players are capable of MP3 playback.  That includes your phone`s audio player.  As a result most people can listent to MP3 music or other audio files such as podcasts  via their smartphones.  As a result it has been harder to find a good MP3 player, and the market that once saw a flood of many several devices geared towards MP3 playback now offers only a few options.

  1.  MP3 Players can go where cellphones cannot.When the airplane attendant says to turn off cell phones , guess what:  your MP3 player can still stay on.  If you get nervous during take off  or you are unfortunate enough to have your seat near an unhappy kid who is throwing the takeoff tantrum you wish you could respectably  throw you don`t have to suffer through it.  While everyone else is sitting in silence having shut off their smartphones, you are in audio-bliss thanks to your little 1″ x 1″ device.
  2. Access to music almost always available.  While access to your cellphone music library can be fickle if your library is stored online, your MP3 player is based on physical storage and does not depend on WiFi nor internet access.  Of course you may store music locaally on your phone but then you would have much less spsce to dedicate to all those photos from your last 3 vacations.  Also though both devices need electrical charge to work, there is no argument that MP3 players stretch a single charge for much longer than a smartphone.
  3. Your collection can be completely private.  Smartphones encourage cloud-based music storage.  Recall the iCloud expose of embarrassing photos of starlets a few years ago to know that cloud based storage is not necessarily private.

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