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What Works: Not Another Time Management Post
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Most people feel there is not enough time to complete all they want/need to do. Is that a problem of perception of time, planning of tasks or execution of tasks or all of the above? I believe that a large proportion of the subjective discomfort called stress relates to the perception that there is not enough time for us to achieve our desired goals. One thing is for certain: success with time means overall success and less stress.

If I can eliminate that feeling in my own life it would relieve loads of daily anxiety.

A new approach to, and better utilization of my most precious resource, TIME must begin with the following steps. Find out where my time goes. Cut back on unproductive demands on time. Consolidate discretionary time into the longest continuous units. Winning means better utilization of time, so this overhaul of my perception and use of time is urgent and essential.

Part I-Where Does My Time Go? I assume all my disposable hours are clinically spent. I know this to be an incorrect assumption. I am also aware of significant lack of efficiency in my work life–some tasks are taking longer than they should, while achieving less impact than they should. Simply put I am spending more time on some things than they are worth.

I have to believe that by tracking my time I can identify improvements that will lead to improved quality of life. I looked at a number of online tools–mainly mobile apps and webapps. The ones that rose to the top of the list were Toggl, and SaveMyTime.

Toggl: not for me. More a todo list and not a tracker. However it is a webapp which allows much easier data entry on computer and of course also via phone when on the go. Categories and tasks seem less laborious to set up when you have your choice of screen size.

SaveMyTime App: I have been using this one almost exclusively to keep track of my time. However, I haven`t done a good job–through no fault of this excellent app. Still I felt there would be a better one out there so I searched again. Every time your phone rings, or you turn it on the app asks what you have been doing. Hence it enforces real-time logging as opposed to logging from memory but the screen becomes a nag quickly. One major factor in the early setup is th number of activities you set uop and the categories. It will take at least a week to get a comprehensive list of activities and categories that fit your life. Until you reach that point the information will not be accurate. I have refined my lists pretty well but I still do not feel I am capturing everything.

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