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Apply Appropriate Focus To Generate Results
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Apply Appropriate Focus To Generate Results

I started to focus a bit more on writing towards the end of October.

Focus is possible when there is a goal.
Goals must be clear and measurable.
I have goal of finishing a novel —some sort of rough draft–by the end of the month of November.
I will also make daily entries in my journal.
I measure my progress towards those goals with Draft an online writing editor which automatically reports my daily word count to Beeminder. Beeminder reminds me that my goal each day is to write 500 words each day. Words that will go either to the novel or the journal. Of course writing more than 500 words is also desirable.

I wonder what would happen if I tried to adapt the same model to photography–either taking photos or learning about it. A much more difficult proposition.

In addition one does not want to put a tab and a measurement ruler on too many aspects of one`s life. It could lead to feeling of overwhelming pressure in areas that are supposed to be enjoyable. More than anything I want to continue to enjoy writing.

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