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Mini-Vacations to the Rescue
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A mini-vacation is a short time away from work. “Short in this context is usually taken to mean 2-3 days away from work. These are brief periods that can provide a quick recovery from the drudgery of solo practice, the administrative headaches an all. If you play your cards right you can take 6 or 8 of these in a year, amounting to as much as 3 weeks off, just like “regular” people.  Here`s how to go about it without hurting your practice while still building relationships and getting some oh so precious quality time away.

Firstly, this takes a bit of planning and a need to ignore the herd mentality of going off on vacations at popular times of the year such as Christmas, New Year`s Day, Thanksgiving, July Fourth, and weekends in general.  On the plus side, your time off will be weekdays when most people are enduring the drudgery themselves.

Why is this important?  Well, if you are known to colleagues as the person who is always around when most people would prefer not to be, you will be invaluable to even your competition when he needs a rest for the weekend or that big holiday.  Asking a colleague toc cover for a couple days in the middle of the week does not encroach on his precious weekend time with his family. And of course, most week days he will be at work anyway, so peeking in on a few extra patients will not be very burdensome to him.  Another plus, you will undoubtedly earn their respect for your diligence and SEAL-like devotion.

There are some drawbacks to this approach:

  • Loss of income—when you take weekdays off you see no patients in your office.
    Any day not worked in solo practice could automatically means a loss of income, and for weekdays it almost surely means you have decided to forego some income on that day.  This is a case of pricing your passions.  The value of your rest time is clear.  Also you may recoup the loss on another day if you plan well.
  • You miss the big family holidays.  Answer: Really make the time off count.  Live in every moment you are off, and be present for your family.

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