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When I first opened the practice there were at least 1 million things to do—every type of chore that could fall into any of several categories at once.  It was a work of painstaking attention to detail to design a schedule that would allow me to fall the duties that I need needed to and we all the hats that I worry that time after 3, 4, 5, 6 or seven attempts finally over the course of the first two years I arrived at a very complicated grid that sought to explain what I did every day of the week. I believe that having a schedule is a first step to actually completing important tasks. So I try to adhere to it however is a practice matures and is you hand off some duties to other entities and yourself begin to wear as you shed one type of hat you pick up another’s schedule might be slightly out of sync with your goals and your updated practice workflow this like divergence happens ever so gradually that you may not notice example at the time I should be doing some of my most meaningful work at one location my schedule had me at another location doing less critical work for that time of the month this occurred simply because in the beginning that less critical work was all that existed at that time in the month I therefore found myself struggling to finish less critical work in time to rush to another location to meet her to meet critical appointments and oftentimes failing.

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