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Problems Have Solutions.
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I felt myself slipping a gain. A combination of failed short-term goals, sleep deprivation and requests to make major decisions that could affect my entire life.

The key is to recognize what is happening as it is happening and address it before it worsens.

This time I think I have.

The life of a solo practitioner is one of constant overwork, recurrent fears regarding the success of the business and overextension from clinical work into administrative capacities. Managing this unfortunate three-legged stool is problematic. In any one day we may fail in at least three domains. I felt like today was such a day.

There are issues with staffing as there always will be. However there are times when the mind plays a trick on itself, clothing itself in the gloomy prediction that competent and adequate staff will never be found.  So began, about a couple months ago the sense that we were entering again that vicious cycle of hiring training firing hiring. Of course the only way to break the cycle or to make sure that it does not recur is to hire possesses appropriately. Hold out until the person who fits the position and possesses the qualities that you require comes along. Life is tough while awaiting the arrival of this angel or knight in shining but it will be well worth the wait when the right person is hired.

Then there is also the question of the direction of the business. There is the feeling that the size of the size of the practice may have outgrown the available manpower:  the feeling that if only you were two people instead of one you would be able to to better for your patients. So remind yourself that you are more interested in serving your patients to the fullest and you have already designed a plan to increase manpower.

It helps to remember your solutions on days when all you can see are problems.

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